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Let me tell you a bit more about BMG and what he means to me ..

- he is one of the closest people to my heart
- he is a role model to me
- he is incredibly handsome
- his intelligence is mindblowing
- his character is beautiful
- his spirituality is admirable
- his patience is not comparable to what I've seen
- he and his life story remind me of Prophet Ayub 'alahi salam
- he is a polyglot
- he is a thinker
- he has a great sense of style
- his speech is dignified
- he will listen to you attentively
- he has the most charming smile
- he has glossy dark skin
- he has beautiful soft shiny dark hair on his head
- he has a neatly bearded face
- he is academically gifted
- he has memorised Buhari, Muslim and Abi Dawud
- he has also memorised several other mutoon (texts)
- he (even though I've never tested him) has an impeccable hifdh of the Qur'an
- he is someone who has been tested thoroughly
- he has h***** complications
- he has j****** complications
- he has had a lot to deal with in the last decade
- he is one of the few people I can talk with for hours without boredom
- he is one of the few people whose judgement and advice I will take without hesitation
- he is one of these people that I want to please and make proud of me
- he is a human of high quality
- he is my inspiration in this dunya
- he means the world to me

- I am so blessed to have him in my family
- I am so happy that I got to see him even though it was only 5 hours
- I am grateful that Allah granted me my prayers
- I am looking forward to a time where there will be no more separations from BMG
- I looking forward to see BMG soon
- I pray for his steadfastness
- I pray for purification for him
- I pray that he remains patient in his tests
- I pray Allah gives him a happy life for the rest of his days and his hereafter
- I pray we can live together or in close proximity
- I love being in his company
- The closer I am to him, the happier I am
- I love our bond
- I love how special and loved he makes me feel
- I love our memories together
- I love how intensely he thinks before he talks

That is BMG, my paternal uncle, in a nutshell.

I don't think this short description does him justice but when you love someone this much, you never really want to reveal everything. I have to say that I am very protective of BMG and as a result, I never really talk about him to other people.

When I was younger, I used to be so possessive over BMG. He, from my youngest age, was that one family member I clicked with on a deep level. He used to send me letters regularly, and postcards for various occasions. I never heard him say anything bad about anyone. He would defend me when my dad would be 'complaining' about me and he would always be on my side. I would sometimes say in a moment of no self-control 'I wish BMG was my dad instead of you aabo' which would make my father laugh but I wonder if that comment ever hurt him? It was inconsiderate of me to say that but kids say the craziest of things, don't they?

BMG would always make me sit next to him. If I wasn't sat next to him, I wouldn't be happy. If I wasn't walking next to him, I wasn't happy. If we didn't have one on one conversations, I wasn't happy. He would always bring me close to him, hold my hand, open the car door for me. He knew how to make my little self happy to say the least. I, in return, used to try to impress him. I used to pray when he would be visiting us (again, that was when I was around 12/13/14), I would wear my headscarf neatly because I wanted to make him proud. I used to write him long letters. I used to stare at his beautiful face to try and imprint it in my mind forever. I've already spoken about one of my first spiritual awakening that happened one summer evening with BMG where he taught me the essence of Tawheed. And, the moment I became more religiously inclined, our bond deepened and we were not only linked by blood but our love for the deen and for Allah (swt) made us even closer.

Our conversations then began to deepen. BMG always had big ambitions for me especially deen-wise. I don't know if I will be able to reach those or if I will be able to reach his level. Sadly, in the last 10 years, we've only seen each other 3 times and you can imagine how hard that is. Alhamdulilah though, I pray and hope that very soon inshAllah we can live close to each other and not have to say goodbye without knowing when we will meet next.

With a man like BMG in my life you can just imagine how dull other men look to me right? (lol) My mother often reminds me not to compare regular men to BMG because he is exceptional. My mother used to teach BMG back home, in Somalia, when fresh high school graduates had to do a one year compulsory teaching. I also love the relationship mother and BMG share. I think BMG is honestly the perfect human embodied. Yes, he has his own character shortcomings (who doesn't?) but I have never met a person more complete in various aspects as him. I mean, he has beauty, religion and academia on his side!, all of which are at a high level. His future wife is definitely a lucky girl :-p

But with such  exquisite attributes, come equivalently difficult tests. With all the positive things I've mentioned, BMG is the also the one person I know who gone through such intense testing from the Lord. I have no doubt that Allah (swt) loves BMG because of the length and consistency of the tests in his life. Allah (swt) tests His beloved Slaves over time to see if they will endure them with patience and gratitude. I always pray that Allah (swt) multiplies BMG in patience.. Khayr InshAllah

May I ask you to include BMG in your sincere du'as whenever you can?
Pray for his well-being, for his safety, for his eeman, for his strength, for his affairs, for his family.

Thank you :)

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