Friday, 30 December 2016

Bye 2016

Ten days without a new post, oops, I'm sorta forcing myself to update today otherwise.. I'll never get around to it. I've been kind of busy with family visiting us and other things these past couple of days which explain why nothing new was posted.

Tomorrow's the last day of 2016. What a year it has been. A year filled with unexpected twists and turns for sure for me. Dunya-wise, it hasn't been my best year but spiritually, it's been a good one compared to the years before that. So, I guess the overall is pretty averagely mediocre.

Tomorrow inshAllah, I hope to find some alone time to reflect on what I want to achieve for 2017.. you know goal settings and all that good stuff. I also want to think about what I did wrong this year and what I need to avoid for the upcoming year. Time flies and it would be so stupid to just live without planning ahead.

I know that islamically, the year has already started a few months ago but I don't know.. probably due to my western heritage for me the new year really begins in January.. don't refute me pls! :p

Hoping to be back soon but until then,

Stay Blessed

Toddles x

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