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Life Mission

Good afternoon,

As Muslims, we all know that in theory our life mission is to worship Allah and obey Him right? But what really happens in reality? How many of us try to fulfil this mission? How many of us are aware of this huge mission on a daily basis?

It's so easy for us to forget why we've been created, to ignore why are bodies and souls have been created and merged together. It's easy to live a life of routines, a life of worldly concerns and a life of of heedlessness. This is why it is important to remind ourselves of our mission in this life. We are only here for a short number of years and we can't afford to live just for the sake of living.

Here's an interesting little exercise that I did the other day after seeing someone else talking about it. Try to do it too, it could be very revealing for you just as it was for me. All you need is: some time, a calm place, paper and a pen.

On the first piece of paper you will be writing about material success. Imagine that you became materially successful and live a life of abundance. What would someone else say about? What words would they use to describe you and your success? It is important that you don't control your thoughts too much, this is not an essay or a structured paragraph that you are writing. Just instinctively write what comes to your mind, it doesn't even have to be full sentences.

On a second piece of paper, you will be writing about all the things that make you happy, please you and bring you joy. Again, choose the name of a person. What would this person say about you? What do they say make you happy? What activities would they say make you happy? (It's not easy trying to write about yourself through the lens of another person). Again, try not to think controlled thoughts.. let it flow on your page.

On the third piece of paper, you will be writing about your spiritual evolution and success. Imagine you became spiritually successful and became a role model for others. Choose a third person and imagine what they would say you achieved in terms of spiritual success. What traits would they say you have? What would they comment regarding your character?

It;s important that you tske the time to reflect (but don't take too long) try to time yourself between 10 to 15 mins for each of these 3 tasks to help you remain focused. I personally timed myself for 12 mins each time. You will have blanks and 12 mins will feel super long but that's because it's not easy imagining your sucess through someone else's perspective but doing it this way will force you to be honest in your writing (hopefully anyway :p)

Once you have filled your 3 pages, read back and highlight/underline all the words or sentences that deeply resonate in you. These words and phrases have to really mean something to you so, think carefully as you highlight/underline them.

Then make a list of these words and phrases, read back again and choose the top 4 words that appeal most and mean a lot to you. Finally, try to create a sentence using these 4 words that could be your life mission.

Let me share my answers to this task with you.

Exercise 1: Material Success

Name of the person: Aabo (Father)

- she is happy, financially stable and independent
- she is helping her family, her community, her country
- she is married to a righteous man and enjoys a blissful married life
- she is involved in the re-building of her country
- she is a home owner
- she enjoys her career and her professional choices
- she is able to give plenty in sadaqah
- she is beneficial and gets out of her way for others
- she is a successful role model for others to emulate
- she hasn't let this world to enter her heart
- she is able to handle all her businesses well
- she is passing on knowledge
- she is building up a legacy
- she has an honourable reputation
- she has a successful business
- she has opened places of education for underprivileged children
- she has successfully completed her doctorate with flying colours
- she has followed her passion with drive
- she has achieved incredible milestones

Exercise 2: Joy & Happiness

Name of the person: Hooyo (Mother)

- she loves playing and running around
- she loves her walking, her reading and her writing
- she enjoys her mother's company
- she loves to have a good laugh
- nature and greenery bring a lot of happiness to her
- living in a Muslim country means a lot to her
- exercising and fitness make her joyous
- being in the masjid, benefiting or benefiting others
- having physical touch and quality time
- travelling makes her happy
- making others make her happy
- her career makes her happy
- her family makes her happy
- being in Makkah makes her happy
- moving and living in her home town with her parents will/would bring her joy
- worshipping her Creator and giving Him His Right
- memorising the Qur'an and teaching it to others
- seeking knowledge and holding circles
- aiding the poor, sick and needy
- finding joy and delight in every small thing
- her optimism and positive mindset
- being useful to humankind at large

Exercise 3: Spiritual evolution & success

Name of the person: Prophet Muhammad 'alayhi salaam

- she tried her best to emulate my Sunnah
- she has stayed away from innovations, big and small
- she was taken my way and the way of my companions
- she has been kind to everyone
- she has respected herself
- she has worked hard to preserve her heart
- she is an example of dedication
- she has loved profusely everyone whom she met
- she hasn't maliciously hurt or damaged anyone
- she has reached a respectable level of closeness to her Creator
- she has sacrificed time, effort and money for the sake of Allah
- she has been a caller to righteousness
- she has learnt to control her desires
- she has found delight in all things
- she has been grateful for all events in her life
- she has overcome this dunya's tests
- she has been humble and hasn't made anyone feel worthless or incompetent
- she has found solace in solitude and worship
- she has worked hard to reach sincerity in all her actions, speech and thoughts
- she has displayed altruistic characteristics
- she has a pure heart that doesn't allow bad or negative thoughts to stay
- she thinks hard of giving everyone their rights
- she has perpetual secret deeds that are unknown to any human
- she has been a catalyst for people to become better
- she has worked hard to beautify her character
- she has given in charity without fearing poverty
- she has lead a pious, quiet and beneficial life

(Note: the purpose of these tasks is to make you think about the things you would like people to associate with you in the long term. Say in 20 years' time, what would be said about you regarding these 3 spheres of life. What do you want to put ahead for yourself?)

Step 2 is to highlight all the words/phrases that resonate within you strongly and make a list. Here are the words that really mean a lot to me (taken from above)

- helping her country and community
- successful role model
- achieved incredible milestones
- benefiting or benefiting others
- seeking knowledge
- positive mindset
- loved profusely everyone
- for the Sake of Allah
- altruistic characteristics
- pure heart
- giving everyone their rights

Step 3 is to reduce this list to only the top 4 words that resonate with you.

- achieved incredible milestones
- positive mindset
- for the Sake of Allah
- pure heart

Finally, try to create a full sentence using these 4 words. This sentence will be your life mission.

''Live life with a positive mind & a pure heart while diligently achieving incredible milestones for the Sake of Allah.''

Et voila!

I am so pleased with this mission statement because I feel like it exactly reflects me and how I want to lead my life. I want to print this, frame it and then look at it every single day just to remind me of my mission.

Every time I'm having a bad day, I will remember that I need to keep a positive mind and that nothing in this world is unattainable. If I'm having an emotional breakdown, then I'l remember to keep my heart pure to the best of my ability. Every day, I'll remember that I am here to achieve my dreams and make them a reality and that I am able to reach amazing milestones bi-idnillah. And finally, looking at this statement will remind me that every action I do needs to be FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH.

Have a go! & good luck
(if you do it, I'd love it if you shared your life mission statement in the comment section anonymously :p)

Toddles x

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