Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Le Bonheur

Magical moments I have experienced

- seeing my supplications being answered
- that time when I stepped for the first time in my homeland
- that special night with all the sparkling stars that decorated the sky and looked to close
- that time when I asked for a divine sign and got the answer immediately
- Makkah
- that night in Geneva, when the seeds of tawheed took root in my heart
- seeing the dead plants I had been watering grow beautifully (as a teen)
- the moment I understood that Islam is without doubt the right path
- the moment I chose to become practising and serious about worshipping Allah (swt)
- those moments spent in my mihrab (prayer area)

Most courageous people I know

- my mother
- my father
- my uncle
- The Prophet Muhammad 'alayhi salaam
- all the prophets and messengers
- Abu Bakr radhiyAllah 'anhu and the other sabaha
- Ibn Taymiyyah
- Imam Ahmad

Habits and attitudes of elder people I admire

- early birds
- early sleepers
- they don't overeat or eat as much junk food as us
- they do what makes them happy
- their wisdom
- their stories
- their understanding and compassion
- their generosity
- their love
- their resilience
- their love for life
- their youthful mind and playful nature
- they don't waste time

Things that connect me to the depths of my soul

- hearing that voice inside
- Zuhd
- repenting sincerely
- crying out to Allah
- removing myself from the shackles of this dunya
- quietness and silence
- slow, controlled breathing
- realising and counting my blessings
- the vastness of the ocean
- the vastness of the sky
- the vastness of the desert
- plane turbulence
- walking in nature
- touching the jugular vein by my neck
- staring at the Ka'bah
- making du'a
- sacrificing myself for the good of others
- contemplating on the Qur'an
- seeing a janaza

These things that feed my soul

- Tawbah
- Dikr
- Qur'an, especially memorising
- Sujud
- Meditating
- Thinking about my creation
- Thinking about life
- Thinking about Allah (awt)
- Fasting feeds my soul
- Meeting pious people
- Circles of knowledge
- Seeing somebody pray properly
- Hearing someone recite properly
- Watching the sunset
- My mother's touch
- My father's hug
- Sadaqah
- Crying over my shortcomings and past sins
- Nawafil and night prayers
- Meeting righteous friends
- Discussing matters of the akhirah
- Remembering death
- Especially remembering the grave and its condition
- Looking above at the sky, looking at the moon and the stars
- Travelling
- Quality time with my loved ones
- Waiting for the prayer
- Sitting until the sunrise
- Remaining sitting after the prayer until the next prayer
- Giving gifts to others, making them happy

The beautiful people I have had the chance to meet in my life

- my family
- Sh. Abdirazqd
- Joud
- the Halal Crew
- those sisters in the Haram

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