Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Assalam 'alaykum,

So, hi !

*dips toenail in the pond*

Just testing the water.. how's everyone? how's life? how's faith? how's health? how's love? how's family?

I may or may not ''re-start'' writing on this blog.. I know I said I'd make another blog if I ever felt the need to write again but .. change of mind.

I just want you guys to interact a bit more, you guys visit this blog (a lot!) even despite there being next to nothing here but the comments you have left (in the past) do not match up with the audience stats.

Please introduce yourself, be as sarcastic or corny as you desire. We're all as anonymous as can be so let that creativity take over!

InshAllaah, I shall be back soon..

Yallah, toddles :)


  1. Its sad no one has commented. i dont know if you will see this but, I read a blog post just now that was written back in 2011 on zawjaland. The post was about marrying back home, the pros and cons. From there I checked the most recent post and was directed to this blog. Just wanted to say thank you to whoever wrote it, I found it very beneficial. JazakAllah khair

  2. wa aleykum salam.
    I really enjoyed reading this blog and the previous one(zawjaland).Can you please re start blogging!!

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  4. Been a follower since zawaj land which was super helpful. Then onto this blog which was also a very good read and so relatable.