Friday, 28 August 2015


Peace upon those who follow the Truth,

Oh dear, oh dear.. 

As promised, I am back on here after a good couple of months away from blogging. I just wanted to just concentrate on other more "important" things before coming back.

I've given much thought to this blog during my absence because it means something to me. I genuinely enjoy sharing and writing but I now realise that perhaps I was a bit of a "too-widely open" garden, an open door for any and everyone to peep through. Yes, the point of a blog is to share writings but I felt like I was giving too much of me away. As a very private person in real-life, it felt wrong and incorrect to continue in that direction.

One of the main reason that pushed me to pause my blog posts was seeing my reading audience grow every day. It's kinda scary having so many people read what you're writing and indirectly getting to know you through your words. I'm even surprised to see how people have been regularly visiting the blog during the past 3 months..despite its bareness. Do ya'll love me this much?

I mean, if I was writing beneficial things.. fair enough but I was mainly narrating and sharing real life-experiences and raw feelings (lol) for thousands of folks around the world. It felt overwhelming for me. That's why I removed all my previous posts, they had to go. And I had to re-think my blogging strategy; I still want to share things but without too much revelations. Mystery is gold.

The primary reason behind the launching of this blog was to document my professional and personal journey in Saudi Arabia. I knew it was going to be one of my most memorable lifetime experiences and I naturally knew how curious people are to know about life in the Middle-East, so it made perfect sense to document it all for myself and the readers. With hindsight though, I really feel that -at one point- I was more inclined to write *for the sake of* the readers than for my ownself. 

I was so honest in wanting to tell you all heartfully about the smallest and the biggest things that I had encountered, because people are interested by that. I remember wishing for someone to give me informative experiences that I could read before my move to Saudi but.. I couldn't find something not someome relatable to me. Therefore, I chose to be the first.

Nearly two years on, I feel comfortable enough in my new life and country that to keep documenting it would basically turn into a public diary blog...which I do not want (just like you I'm sure).

So... I'm thinking of starting yet another blog (my 4th, yes I'm a serious blogger-gamous*if you get the joke, pat yourself in the back*), with a different name, different aim, maybe with a different blogging site. It feels too weird for me to continue on this "With UmmZubayr" blog because I feel like I've outgrown it. 

Also, another turn-off for me to stay here is that there are people who know me in real-life that read me on here. Sadly, I do not get to enjoy my anonymous (and free) penship anymore. I didn't care about it before but it would bother me now if I continued on here. You know what the worst feeling is? People you don't have much in common with or you barely know reading your blog and then, making small (sometimes unvoluntary) comments about things you've written. I had someone say something exactly as I had written it during a group conversation..I was so perplexed! Like did this person just literally quote me in front of me?! 

So, yes. I shall be opening another blog soon as I've just missed the feeling of writing so freely. I've also decided not to post the new blog address here (obviously because I don't want everyone to follow me on there again) so I guess if you want to keep up with me and my crazy posts.. Hit up Google? And see if maybe you can find me back on the big wide web... It's a bit like find know?

Yalla Ma'salaam

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