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Letter To My Future Wife

Assalam 'alaykum people,

Hello   ~   I'm back after a short absence. Funnily, I was just thinking today about my "writer's block", it felt like I didn't have anything interesting to write on the blog but then *talalal*.. this thing twinkled in my mind and I felt like sharing it with you all.

WARNING: If you are easily put off by cheesiness or anything remotely sweet, you may want to exit this post right now.

I was just browsing YouTube videos in a random way and I ended up watching videos of "silly" teens and young adults writing letters to their "future wife/husband". It's funny how YouTube tends to recommend the most random of videos sometimes. Anyway, the "letter to my future spouse" videos were all very entertaining but lacked creativity and above all: it was rather cheesy and cringe-worthy.

Then I fell on the letter that I copied below and it reminded me of something. It felt like the "best" one probably because the writer was more mature than the silly teens and it -not gonna lie- made me a little fidgety. First, storytime: few years ago, I was (and still am) on this Muslim french forum and one day, a sister announced that she was writing a book. Now, I was around 17-18 at the time and one of the youngest members of the forum but I loved that place. It allowed me to read inspiring articles, keep up with current affairs around the Muslim world, learn from different people, allowed me to articulate my thoughts, used to watch some inspiring videos; all that good stuff. By the way, Muslims in 2007-2008 were so much better than they are right now and the same thing could be said about their forums. I barely participate anymore but that's a different story.

The sister, who was one that I appreciated and looked up to (she was in her late 20s/early 30s at the time), announced that she was in the process of writing/authoring her first book. What was more intriguing than a young woman deciding to write a book was the topic and title she chose to name her book. It was called: "An open letter to my future husband". I was definitely intrigued. I remember people commenting harshly about her book and the concept behind it but she didn't seem to care. For her, this was her way of putting herself out there and "hopefully" find her "future husband".

When her book got published, she left a link to a website where people could purchase it if they desired. Her audience was, obviously, aimed towards Muslim men but I went ahead and bought it. Curiosity wouldn't let me have it any other way. Plus, the excitement of reading the work of a sister I interacted with online was also epic and the topic was right down my alley (at the time lol).

During that period of my life, I used to buy books on a weekly basis. I still can't believe how many books I bought in these couple of years so it was easy to receive the book without having my mother question my suspicious choice of literature.

As soon as I received it, I remember loving the front cover.. it was beautiful just as I expected it. The book became my companion during my commutes to and from university. I finished very rapidly because a) it was easy to read and b) I just loved the concept I guess because of how unique it was.

I just wanted to know what she had to say, I mean who writes and publishes a letter that's meant to be read  by one person right? And she didn't just write it because it's fun, she was expecting a man to read the book/letter and then, I guess, find out that he's actually the one she's looking for. I just thought the concept was hilarious.

It in, she presented herself, gave her background, spoke about her family, narrated some funny childhood memories, spoke about her insecurities, her hopes for her future life, how she thought he'd be like, why she's writing this letter book and many more things that I don't remember now. She used the first person narrator (obviously) and was addressing him directly as "you".. it was intimate and personal. It was a very sweet book, very endearing and you could feel that she probably is a lovable human being. Bless her.

Once I was done, I made sure the book was well-hidden underneath my other "ok" books. I felt inspired for a second to do the same (without the publishing part) but I gave up the idea very soon. The last thing I needed as a student was to waste my time daydreaming! But, surprise, surprise!
Months later, I found my youngest sister with the book in her possession (it was under her pillow if my memory is right). I couldn't believe it!

I wasn't happy because even though nothing bad was in the book, I just felt like she was too young (15 at the time) to read such a letter. I know, protective elder sister syndrome... I know. This showed me that all girls are such romance-lovers no matter the age or personality.

Let me now end this post by sharing the letter that I triggered this rosy post this evening.. This open letter was written by a guy called David Bradshaw.



Letter To My Future Wife..

To My Future Wife,

I penned this letter now instead of later, because I want to thank God in advance for you. I already know you're going to be an amazing woman. You're going to be exactly what I prayed for. And by the time I meet you, I'm going to be everything you need me to be. So whoever you are, wherever you are, here's an open letter I want to send to you, for all to see. I know you'll be a testimony of my patience. I hope that your heart is open to receive these words. 

I know that you're probably in another situation now. Maybe you're trying to work things out with the guy you're with. Maybe your heart is healing from a terrible breakup, one that you invested a great deal of your time and energy in. Perhaps there are some other personal issues going on in your life, that are preventing you from walking into mine. Maybe we just haven't met. Whatever that's going in your life, there's no rush. God's timing is perfect. We will grace each other eyes and touch each other's heart. We will enjoy plenty of days and evenings together, whether conversing about life, laughing about something silly, or doing something we both enjoy. I want you to know, that wherever you are in life, I'm praying for you to experience wholeness. I want you to be complete and happy, full of joy before you meet me. I'm going to look at you as a compliment to my life---only to add to it---never to subtract or divide from it. 

And you're not the only who's being prepared for marriage. While I'm waiting on you, God is shaping me into the man he wants me to be for you: A protector and a provider, a great communicator, and a spiritual leader. He also wants me to be a great lover, a man who can love the deepest parts of you, and who can also be intimate without physical touch. He's molding me into a man who's transparent, and vulnerable--vulnerable enough to accept you in my life without reservation of being hurt. He's building my trust in him, so I can fully trust you, my blessing. 

I want to end this letter by saying: I look forward to developing a wonderful friendship with you: One that's based on open and honest communication, trust and prayer. I look forward to learning everything about you. I want to know the woman behind closed doors that many seldom see. I want to know what's inside your heart, because that's where your true treasure lies. I want to know what's in your spirit, because that's where your true beauty lies. I want to know you before I propose to you. 

Until we cross paths, don't rush love. We'll find each other soon. I know it. I can feel it. I'll see you soon.


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