Wednesday, 11 March 2015

100 Religious Pet Peeves

1. People who advertise their worship to the entire world
2. People who pray without sutrah (barrier)
3. People who make you as their sutrah without asking
4. People who walk in front of you in prayer or come in between you and your sutrah
5. People who pray too fast aka supersonic prayers
6. People who make the first two raka'at in loud prayers so beautifully long and the last two silent rak'at ridiculously fast like ''dude, did you even read Surah Fatihah?''
7. People who don't make ruku' properly (it kills me)
8. People who take selfies in front of the Ka'abah or in any religious places (masajid)
9. People who take pictures of the Ka'bah (I find it so disrespectful, the Ka'ba and the Haramain are not touristic destinations!)
10. People who keep talking about food during Ramadan
11. People who sleep all day during Ramadan
12. People who reply to your salaam with ''Good Morning''
13. People who look away when you want to give them salaam
14. People who don't lower their gazes
15. People who like to gossip and backbite
16. People who don't know how to give sound Islamic advice
17. People who boycott certain places or people because of so&so said this or that without valid existing proof
18. People who want to turn this religion into either of the two extremes (laxism or extremism)
19. Sisters who come to the masjid during their menses for no reason
20. Sisters who always talk about brothers
21. People who create doubts into people's creed
22. People who prevent sisters from attending Islamic lessons or the masjid
23. People who speak without religious authority on sensitive issues
24. People who are impatient in regards to religious matters or in general
25. Brothers who hang out outside the masjid for no reason
26. Men who do not attend congregational prayers for no reason
27. Men who do not keep their pants above their ankles
28. Brothers who shorten their thobes waaay too much
29. Sisters who wear 'imamahs as scarves
30. Parents who don't educate their kids religiously
31. People who don't pray janaza prayer (I don't understand!)
32. Sisters who are muttahajibat outside but post hijab-less pictures online
33. People who talk to you while you are in prayer
34. People who believe being religious is being boring
35. People who think being emancipated is in leaving the religion or neglecting part of it
36. People who think knowledge is debating people on religious matters
37. People who put others off from the deen
38. People who idealize and sometimes even idolize certain Islamic personalities
39. People who believe the whole Ummah is misguided except themselves
40. People who stop being practicing or religious
41. People who tell you to do something not knowing that you are following a different but just as valid opinion
42. Sisters who wear a full face of makeup outside
43.  When events provide sisters the small, dark and overcrowded rooms during conferences or lectures when we clearly outnumber the brothers
44. Immodest people who do not shy away from anything
45. People who are careless about their responsibilities and duties as a Muslim
46. People who go through haram ways to achieve a halal goal
47. People who waste water during their wudhu or splash water everywhere
48. The pictures featuring couples with the cheesiest captions or quotes
49. People whose only concern or interest is marriage
50. People who try to play marriage hookers
51. People who do not honor and respect their parents
52. People who belittle their parents and give precedence to their friends or other people
53. People who think they're better than everybody else and that they are from ahlul Jannah
54. Lesson givers
55. Foul-mouthed people
56. Stingy people who never give any kind of sadaqa
57. People who jealous you or give you the evil eye
58. People who blame their acne and say it's because of the evil eye
59. People who think everything negative that happens in their lives is because of the evil eye
60. People whose musshafs are covered in dust
61. People who listen to music
62. People who attend weddings with music or mixed weddings
63. Sisters who have weddings with music and video recordings
64. People who don't honor the sisterhood bond as it should be
65. Loud sisters
66. Attention seeking individuals
67. Non-mehram uncles who want to hug you or shake hands with you
68. People who are shy of their faith in the public sphere
69. People who compromise on tenets of the faith for worldly matters
70. Dugsi macalins who just create fear in kids for no reason
71. Kids who have no respect for the dugsi environment
72. Parents who think dugsi is a day care place
73. People who don't clean after themselves
74. People who don't turn off their phones during prayers
75. People who rush to their phones as soon as they complete the prayers
76. People who are already out of the door as soon as the prayer is over
77. People who have turned Hajj and Umrah into business/money making sites
78. People who ruthlessly push you during tawaf
79. People who fight each other for the Black Stone
80. Men who casually come into the sisters' area of the Masjid-ul Haram
81. People who fight over the Zamzam water especially during Ramadan
82. People who think that if you don't have a ''proper'' wedding party then you're cheap
83. Sisters who think the higher the mahr, the more likely the brother will stay with them (what kinda logic is this?
84. Jarh wa ta'dil obsessive attachment syndrome
85. Muslim beauty or fashion gurus on the internet
86. Innovations and baseless beliefs
87. Shiaism
88. When people praise you in front of others
89. When people think too good of you yet you know your own reality
90. When you do stupid sins and your eeman drops
91. When people use religion to belittle a woman's position in society
92. When some speakers talk about their families during lectures or sermons (I didn't come to hear anecdotes!)
93.People who talk during the khutbah
94. People who do not honor the symbols of Islam
95. People who do not respect and appreciate different jurisprudence opinions
96. Google shuyukh
97. People who share fabricated narrations or things that clearly unauthentic
98. People who say ''oh, it's just sunnah''
99.People who can't pronounce basic arabic words yet they are giving a lecture on the importance of the Arabic language
100. Arrogant people who do not see the dust in their eye but see it in everyone else

^_^ Aaah, feels good to have written these pet peeves. I didn't think I would reach a 100!


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